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Hrach Kalsahakian

Business & Consulting

Andrie Steliou

Communications Specialist

Andrie Steliou

Communications Specialist

Andrie has years of experience in Diplomatic and Corporate training to people from around the world. She specializes in business and leadership skills and has been an examiner for the Cambridge ESOL Board since 2002.

Andrie has intermediary projects in America, Europe, Middle East and East Asia. She works with multinational organizations and a diversity of cultures that makes her a specialist in conducting correspondence thus targeting the business goals and objectives to make them successful. She specializes in utilizing her skills in synergies which network companies to establish communities and provide quality life to its people.

Andrie is a volunteer in many charity organizations such as Lions Larnaka, Red Cross, UNICEF, Cyprus Anticancer Association, Pasykaf Cancer Organization, Make A Wish Children’s Foundation, Mesogios NGO and Special Olympics. She is also a warden for the United States Embassy and conducts research for funding projects on a global level.

Andrie’s passion is to liaison a network of international companies hence making a global difference to society. She has devoted most of her expertise in creating projects that have positively transformed the lives of many! Her strong belief for no boundaries between people and nations, dynamic personality and cultural experience is what makes her projects so successful. In 2014, Andrie was recruited in the U.A.E. as Head of Department for an International Organization and created innovated projects such as OFQUALS ESOL Exams for the Middle East and Asian countries along with medical projects and services such as accessible hotels for tourism and educational camps that bridge Asia, Middle East and Europe. She believes that we only live once but if we do it right, it’s enough! She enjoys travelling, socializing, reading and is currently writing her book called “Say Yes With Confidence” which is an inspirational story dedicated to her mother!

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